ITE '08 with Peter Exton, video

This 4 minute sequence from the 43 minute movie will serve as a teaser for the screening that will happen on First Friday for the "allTURNatives: Form + Spirit" show at the Wood Turning Center (see the sidebar for details). All of the artists will be exhibiting work they did previous to the ITE residency as well as work created over the last six weeks. There will be a few traditional wood turned pieces, others that are worked so the turning is no longer apparent, some with no turning involved at all, glass work made at Wheaton Arts, a video installation, painting and non-wood sculptural work.

This clip features Peter Exton who came to the ITE program ready to try out some new ideas. Above is one example, a piece where the raw material is #2 Perfection, red cedar shingles. He is better known for what is called "inside out" or "reverse turning" which he does a good job of explaining in this video. What you won't see, or hear, is Peter practicing the Japanese language he is learning with the help of fellow ITE resident, Satoshi Fujinuma. The most difficult part of editing these videos is leaving so many good clips on the cutting room floor.

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