Legend of Drafts @ Centotto 250 Moore Street, Brooklyn. Above, Yun Woo Choi

click to enlarge photos to read labels from the artists.
Above from left, Vincent Romaniello, Nathaniel Lieb, Yun Woo Chol,
Paul Gagner, Tim Kent (easel) and Patricia Satterlee.
Nathaniel Lieb
Tim Kent
Pam Butler with her piece (detail below)

Tim Kent
Lauren Collings
Fedele Spadafora and his contribution below

Clockwise left to right, Gili Levi, Rebecca Litt and Julie Torres (detail below)

Kerry Law

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Legend of Drafts
An interstizio exhibit for Bushwick Open Studios 2013

Participating artists (in reverse alphabetical order)

Kathleen Vance
Tyrome Tripoli
Julie Torres
Fedele Spadafora
Patricia Satterlee
Amos Satterlee
Vincent Romaniello
Jonathan Quinn
Catalin Moldoveanu
Alice Lynn McMichael
Rebecca Litt
Gili Levy
Cheon Lee
Kerry Law
Tim Kent
Jen Hitchings
Jessica Hargreaves
Richard Haines
Ben Godward
Paul Gagner
Theresa Daddezio
Lauren Collings
Yun Woo Choi
Pam Butler
Liz Ainslie
Andrei Acris

Reception: Tuesday, May 28, 7-10pm
Hours during Bushwick Open Studios, June 1-2, 2-6pm

Centotto 250 Moore Street, #108
Brooklyn, NY 11206

photographs by Vincent Romaniello