Philadelphia Museum of Art's "Unsettled" Podcasts

I visited the Philadelphia Museum of Art and videotaped a talk and walk-through by curator, Peter Barberie, for the new photography show "Unsettled". Because it will take some time to edit the video I wanted to give you something to listen to now as an introduction to the exhibition. Following are small audio sequences arranged that are formatted for an iPod.

In the following introduction, Mr. Barberie said that the impetus behind organizing this exhibition of 19080's and 90's activist photographers, was the recent censorship of a film by David Wojnarowicz at the Smithsonian. He goes into more detail as to the uproar that followed in the podcast.

Related recent news: Andres Serrano's Piss Christ destroyed by Christian protesters in France.

Introduction - Wojnarowicz & The Smithsonian

Overview of Artists

Zoe Leonard,  Wojnarowicz, "Sex Series"

Serrano, Weems, Beauty

Taped and edited by Vincent Romaniello. If you would like to download these to your computer, save them as m4v files to keep them in the iPod format.