Greatest Artworks in the Universe! By David Foss

Last year I was reading the fascinating book by author Graham Hancock titled Supernatural on his theories of how prehistoric cave art was created by shamans under the influence of hallucinogenic substances. Mid-way through the far ranging book, Hancock brought up the topic of crop circles, which shook my memories back to the early 70's when I first heard about such unusual phenomenon. I remember hearing about crop circles being found in British farmlands back then, but did not give it much notice when news broadcasts reported that the mysterious circles were man-made hoaxes, not created by some aliens.

My interest piqued again, when the topic of crop circles was brought up by best-selling author Daniel Pinchbeck in his recent book 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl. So I did some research on the topic through a search of Google and found some fascinating websites on the phenomenon. Check out links below for some great visuals and essays. Now you, can do your own research and make up your own mind as to the origins of the crop circles made by the so called Circle Makers. But what shocked me as I started to look at more of the aerial photographs of these crop circles was, just how wonderful they are as artworks. I had no idea just how large and how geometrically complex these works are and how the phenomenon has continued since the 70's right up to the present day. Actually, the crop circle, devil's or fairies' circle phenomenon is very old in the historical record dating back hundreds of years.

Serious scientific research is being conducted on this unusual phenomenon that now spans the globe. Certainly some of the circles are man-made hoaxes, experts in the field can easily tell them apart from the circles that are just too complex and quickly formed to be made by humans. But whoever or whatever is making these things, the reader can make up their own mind. I just want to say, these crop circles are Great Art and perhaps the Greatest Artwork being made in the entire universe. Or at least in these four-dimensions.

The circles are wonderfully beautiful in their geometric designs, laid out in grain fields in swirling patterns. The connections to fractal mathematics, esoteric mystical traditions, or sacred geometry makes the crop circle phenomenon into a fascinating depiction of meaningful codes. What the coded messages are saying, if anything, is anyone's guess, but I think at the next Whitney Biennial, the curators should consider these popular art icons as seriously as they do Smithson's "Spiral Jetty," Andy Goldsworthy, Richard Long, or other modernist earthworks.

– David Foss, artist and Director of DaVinci Art Alliance

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