New Home, Clean Slate

Above, Untitled. 2008, acrylic, Venetian plaster, cement and gold leaf on canvas, 12x24 inches, by Long Island artist Lynn Dunham.

I decided to launch Romanblog II as a kind of sequel to the original Romanblog. I did this because my motivation has changed as did the world of blogging and vlogging. When new low cost technology made it possible to make video documentaries five years ago I thought it was the perfect opportunity to bring attention to artists who were under recognized. Since then many things have changed including a new YouTube culture. And my mission has been changed and formed by those who write me and by the needs of the art community that should be obvious to all.

Above, Anne, 2004, acrylic, embroidery and gel medium on canvas, 66x79 inches, by Egyptian artist Ghada Amer.

One thing that hasn't changed is that the same individuals and groups get all of the media attention. Why bother writing 4 pieces on one blog about Frida when every single newspaper and blogger already has written their 4 pieces on the show? When this happens we lose countless opportunities to hear about other deserving institutions, galleries and individual artists.

My mission now is to continue to feature artists that readers might not be aware of for a variety of reasons. This could be because these artists have been left out of the conversation by critics and the mass media. That they are from other parts of the world. That they do work that is not considered "new" or whatever it is that the experts deem worthy. Maybe they don't belong to the right "group" and hence don't have a support system to be advocates for them. I could go on but instead maybe you would like to add your comments below.

I will also continue to document artists and organizations on video and will present them here. Currently I am working on a large project involving a partnership of two local art groups that will include approximately six artists and a curator. This summer I will be documenting the "International Turning Exchange 2008" as a resident fellow and will share some clips with you here.

For Romanblog II I will be asking other artists, writers and art lovers to write posts. So send me your ideas at vincent at vincentromaniello dot com.