Charlotte Yudis on Youtube

Before there was a Youtube I was publishing videos online and for a long time I just wasn't happy with the quality they offered. Things have improved dramatically so whenever I can find the time I will be adding artist videos from my archives to Youtube in hopes of reaching a larger audience for the artists and for the arts in general.

The first artist that came to mind right away was Charlotte Yudis. She passed away in January of 2007 which was a great loss to the community. Her family asked me to play the video at her memorial service at Fleisher which I was honored to do. That experience brought home the importance of documenting living artists so that we can see them in their work environment, and hear about their work and processes from them directly. This is especially important for artists who are under recognized.

So you can now view Charlotte's work on Youtube or visit my archives (links below). It is a little strange for me to see how I worked in 2005. I see things that I wish I would have done better and other things that might be worth revisiting.

New on Youtube
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
some parts are combined on the youtube versions

From the 2005 archives (Quicktime movies)
Part 1 and 2
Part 3, 4 and 5

Above, Charlotte R. Yudis, BL.S. No. 72, polymergravure, chine collé.