Open Studios

I usually try to post something about Open Studios before they happen, but I see no reason not to mention them afterwards. It is the same feeling I have about the main stream media only covering exhibitions and not doing studio visits or profiles on deserving artists. Simply doing interesting work doesn't seem to warrant any media attention.

Early in the week a group of artists visited the studio of David Foss. This was not part of the organized citywide Open Studios, just something we do on occasion because we enjoy doing it. Dave has a new body of work that breaks new ground, combining painting and 3D elements into something truly original. There was quite a lively discussion, one much friendlier and productive that the presidential debate last night.

On Saturday, Dave and I decided to visit 915 Spring Garden as our first stop of the official Post Studio Tours. I was hoping to see Keiko Miyamori and Marisha Simons, two artists that I have videotaped in the past, but didn't find them in. When we walked by the door of Paul Behnke we were immediately drawn in by his work. Paul told us he is new to 915 and the City, after recently moving from Memphis, TN to Philadelphia. I bought up artist/blogger Dwayne from Artbutcher and it turns out that they are good friends. Blogs have definitely made the world a smaller place.

We took the elevator up to the top floor and visited Giuseppe Riviera, one of my first video victims in 2004 (see the sidebar for his videos). We walked down floor by floor and ran into Leslie Atik. There were many other artists, some that we knew and others that we met for the first time which made 915 a great stop.

We heard that there was something going on at the Crane Building and were glad we went by. A few names that pop out are photographers Sandra Davis and Carla Shapiro. And I really liked the work of Erin Castellan. There were a lot of artists that we met that I wish I would have taken a card from so I could mention them here, sorry about that. I ran into blogger Libby Rosof and we had a nice talk about the current show at the Icebox and the scary times that we live in.

Across from the DaVinci Art Alliance, where Dave and I have studio space, we stopped into Fleisher Art Memorial to see the first of this years Challenge series.

There were many, many more studios and shows that we just couldn't get to. If you want to mention something that you saw please leave a comment.

Above, Dove Gray Ray, 48 x 48", mixed mediums on canvas, 2006. By Paul Behnke.