NY Times turning up the heat

Today in the Weekend section of the NY Times look for the visual arts reviews On, and Off, the Wall. Even in the gray gloom of November weather and a bad economy, The Times has a way of creating excitement for the arts, a lesson other publications around the country should learn from.

The Petah Coyne show at Galerie Lelong is one that I want to see. The following is an interesting endorsment of sorts from Roberta Smith in todays article.

"My favorite show by a least favorite artist is Petah Coyne’s over-the-top exhibition of tarlike masses of black-red roses and entangled creatures both feathered and furred (stuffed, of course) at Galerie Lelong. It is a statement about environmental and material waste that itself wastes material. Ms. Coyne is pushing her Victorian aesthetic to the limit, so don’t miss it." -Roberta Smith

Philadelphia artist Douglas Witmer is in a couple of exhibitions in the NY area. Visit his blog for all the details.

Above, Untitled #1262 (Late Spring), 2007-08 by Petah Coyne.
Silk flowers, specially formulated wax, silk and rayon duchesse satin fabric, spray paint, white pigment, pearl-headed hat pins, steel, chain, cable, cable nuts, chicken wire fencing, wire, Velcro, thread, quick-link shackles jaw to jaw swivel. 35 x 35.5 x 31.75 inches