Artists need no stimulus

Senator John Kyl of Arizona has been one of the loudest voices against there being any funds for the arts in the stimulus package, but there are quite many others who feel the same way. I heard Mr. Kyl on NPR one day and just couldn't believe the things he said. We all know the statistics on how many jobs by creative types are out there. Well I hope they are still out there. As usual all the letters and emails to your representatives are form those on the negative side of this issue. If you feel strongly that the arts should be part of the mix write those who represent you in Washington.

Good article on this topic at Dana Gioia, the NEA chairman under the Bush administration, recalled that when Roosevelt aide Harry Hopkins was asked why the government should hire artists, he replied, “Hell, they’ve got to eat just like other people.”

Gioia added, “As far as I’ve heard, nothing has changed about the dietary needs of artists.”

And there are a few comments on the subject at Suburban Guerrilla.