Nic Coviello at Nexus

Nic Coviello
Spotting Raptors and Color Field Landscape Painting

I had the pleasure of seeing the work for this show as it progressed over the past year. Nic felt strongly that he wanted to use direct painting in addition to the photo-based acrylic screens on aluminum plates that he is known for. This promises for some surprise that I am sure you will enjoy when you visit this exhibition on Second Thursday at Nexus.

NEXUS/Foundation For Today's Art
1400 N. American Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122

Opening Reception: March 12, 2002
Closing Reception: April 3, 2009
Open: Wednesday - Sunday 12–6
Free Admission

Above, Coming Home, Hawk Mountain, 49 x 67", metallic acrylic on panel by Nic Coviello.