Anthony DeMelas and Pete Checchia

This is a show well worth seeing. Anthony and Pete are seasoned Philadelphia artists that in my opinion we see too little of. Here's your chance.

From the Proximity website
DeMelas and Checchia blend their unique styles to bring forth a new visual experience. DeMelas and Checchia infuse their unique aesthetics and techniques, forming new works together. Both artists are dedicated to disintegrating what they perceive as arbitrary barriers between disciplines by expanding the boundaries of their respective mediums (painting and photography). Anthony DeMelas and Pete Checchia have been collaborating on exhibitions for four years now, but their influence on each other’s artwork, and way of seeing, spans two decades.

The Collaborative Work of Anthony DeMelas
and Pete Checchia

Exhibition runs March 6th-31st
Proximity Gallery
2434 East Dauphin Street
Philadelphia, PA 19125

You can see the videos I produced on Anthony in 2005 on the sidebar of the Original Romanblog.