Missed James Castle

I am still mad that I missed James Castle (above) last week when a few of us visited NY to look at art. The other artist I regret not seeing was Franz West. Why do I keep talking about the ones that got away and not the ones I saw? Must be that nothing was especially good. I kind of liked the Whitney show "Synthetic" but more for the exhibition design than for the individual works. They switched a few pieces around on the top floor of the permanent collection and we saw some really nice work there, probably the strongest of the day.

Was surprised, but not in a good way, at the Louise Fishman exhibition. I give her credit for taking chances and looking for a new direction but the show had few standouts except for the smallest piece. We ran into local painter Ravenna Taylor who was more kind about the Fishman show.

Nothing at Gagosian uptown. But it is still always inspiring to make the trip up.