Under-Recognized Artist #1

I sent out an email to a wide cross section of people involved in the arts in Philadelphia. I asked them who they though was the most under-recognized artists in their opinion. I told them I would not use their name in case they felt uneasy about it, although none said so. I wrote to gallery directors, magazine editors, writers, art consultants, museum people (they didn't write back), artists and others.

Under-recognized can mean a lot of things, from someone you never heard of to someone you know but you feel could be better known locally or internationally. I didn't get into those details and don't think it matters. Some people chose artists that I would expect based on the aesthetic that I would would match to them, but there were plenty of surprises too.

I got quite a nice list and will post one of their choices every so often. If you, the artist, don't like the idea of being featured here just write me and I will take the post down. This list is ongoing, so if you want to add to it just email me.

I will pick at random, no special agenda here.

First up, Clint Takeda, a recommendation from a well known Philadelphia artist. Clint was a Fleisher Challenge winner in 2002-03. He is also a musician and performs locally so you can keep an eye out for his art, and his band.