Jerry Saltz writing for artnet.com gives a big thumbs up for "No Soul For Sale," where Phase One runs from June 24-28, at X-Initiative in NY. Saltz sees this project as another way that organizations and artists are making the most of the bad economy.
These groups and individuals seem to have figured out that one of the big secrets of the moment is that the only thing that has really changed about the art world is that money is out of the picture.
He gives us a sense that there is more openness in the selection of artists. In fact there are even 2 groups from Philadelphia that are included but not mentioned here.
"No Soul" is a tremendous exercise in inclusiveness with a very high level of quality. There are organizations from Hong Kong, Dublin, Barcelona, Trinidad, Reykjavik and Marfa. What’s so thrilling about "No Soul" is that it proves that groups of young people all over the world are carrying on despite the economic hardships and exhibiting interesting new work.
Check out the X-initiative website for more information on the current and future shows.

Above, Christian Holstad, Light Chamber (Part 2), 2009.