Arts and Culture Funding Alert

I did not receive this request directly from the ICA but the request to contact your state representatives on arts funding is one that I support. See my post here on a related topic.

The current economic situation has spurred a debate over Pennsylvania's state budget and the reality that ALL funding for arts and culture could be eliminated. Nonprofit arts organizations are finding less support from corporate and philanthropic institutions despite the fact that the arts make a significant impact. In Southeastern Pennsylvania, visits to arts and cultural organizations total over 15 million, or four visits a year per resident, and 43% of these visits are free of charge. These organizations provide children with educational programs that keep them engaged, improve their creative thinking and cognitive development. And these organizations provide more than 19,000 jobs.* For every dollar that the state spends, only half a penny goes to arts and culture, so the investment is small! We cannot afford to lose State funding for our museums, theatres, artists, historical homes and the Institute of Contemporary Art at Penn.

Save Pennsylvania's Cultural Funding. Act Now!

While ICA's state support has been declining each year, at this time we would be hard pressed to replace the annual operating funds from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. This budget fight is not over yet and we need you to tell legislators that you care about state funding for arts and culture!

Save Pennsylvania's Cultural Funding. Act Now!

Jamie Gorman
Assistant to the Director of Development
& Alumni Relations
Institute of Contemporary Art / University of Pennsylvania
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*Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance 2008 Portfolio Report