Senator Edward Kennedy dies at 77

I am glad that I got to hear Senator Kennedy speak at a rally in Montgomery County, PA when I taped the event back in April 2009. He gave a strong speech in support of health care reform, an issue that he was familiar with due to the numerous tragedies his family had endured. Use a link below to hear his speech.

Since the Senator's death over 15,000 people have viewed this video on Youtube, that doesn't count the Quicktime version. There are 92 responses so far and people are really fired up about heath care reform and many in an ugly fashion. A few news groups like the have asked if they could use the video on their site, others like, dailykos, and the Denver Post linked to it directly. I find the whole thing strange that once a person dies everyone has something to say when they were in the wings the day before, this is true with politicians and artists.

Quicktime version

YouTube version