Isaiah Zagar - HBO2 Wednesday, August 19

Flipping through NYTimes this weekend I was stopped in my tracks by a photo of someone who looked very familiar. It was the image of Isaiah Zagar.

One of the best things to happen while spending time on South Street at Sage Projects is that I met Isaiah. We have had a chance to talk about art and life on numerous occasions and we have been trading books back and forth. He is a much different person than the unflattering article portrays him as. Although I am sure the facts are accurate since his son Jeremiah shot and produced the documentary, I am sure that the writer had a lot of material to pick form and made some choices that are in my opinion in bad taste. You can read the entire piece here.

There was also an error made on the showing of the film so I wanted to help clear that up. The movie "In a Dream” will make its debut Wednesday, August 19 on HBO2. I can't find a time on it so I guess it will play more than once. Isaiah has led an interesting life and his work is fantastic, so I am sure it will be well worth tuning in for.

Above, photograph of Isaiah Zagar in front of his work. Photo is unattributed.