Establishment’s Cracks

" green shoots busting out of the establishment’s cracks." That line is from NY Magazine arts writer Jerry Saltz. The piece is an overview of what is currently happening in the art world, that being New York. He has some pretty amazing points on the state of museums and art institutions, art education and that he over estimated the demise of art in this Great Recession world we find ourselves living in. Well worth a read.

A couple zingers for you from Saltz.
These human bullshit detectors aim to provide “an alternative to everything”—their mission, to call out an art world “mired in irrelevance.” Bruce High Quality

...the demise of the art world has been greatly exaggerated, including by me. It’s as if a bunch of spotlights went out when the market crashed last October, and now, as they flicker back on, we’re able to see new green shoots busting out of the establishment’s cracks.

the remarkable fact that more than 30 galleries have opened since last year.

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