New Invention

After watching Art 21 on television last night I thought I should share my new invention with the world. The series has come a long way from the static shots of artists at their work tables to the new and improved multiple location shoots, with more interesting camera work and editing. I also noticed that all of the artists are using new technology. Some have sophisticated printing set ups, all seem to have the best computers and monitors available and plenty of art workers to help them use all this stuff.

In the Jeff Koons segment they talked about how difficult it is to find the right talent to mix colors. That's where my new invention above comes in. You don't need any talent to run it, you just use the code pad to sample a color you want, turn the white knob in the center and Voila! you have the perfect color. And because the machine does it for you, you can replicated the same color over and over, and you won't need a huge studio to house all those art workers, not to mention the savings in payroll. I am hoping Mr. Koons sees this and makes an offer to buy one (or 20) of my new color mixing miracle machines.

Above, from the "Bad Science" series, Miracle Mixing Machine, 2009. Home insulation, credit card machine, velvet jewelry posts, spray can lid, gray velcro strip, colored water, McDonald's toy prop.