"The sculptor Urs Fischer is hot, young and European."

An article by Roberta Smith in the NY Times about Urs Fischer show at the New Museum is pretty hot itself. She says "...these pieces have seemed to signal the end of installation art, like monochrome paintings sometimes seem to forewarn the end of painting. Add nothing, just use the space and the architecture, dummy. Boom."

Further on she says of his pieces that they "still communicate Mr. Fischer’s particular brand of neo-Dada formalism, which combines nose-thumbing irreverence with a Minimalist interest in space, scale and perception for their own sakes. Abstraction is not a high priority since the detritus of popular culture and everyday life provide most of the motifs."

What I like about the review is that while speaking directly about Mr. Fischer's show it also looks at where sculpture, installation art and abstraction are today in a broader sense.