New Work: Facades

I've always found facades at the top of those wooden buildings you see in cowboy movies fascinating. You know, the ones where men with rifles are often hiding to defend their town. These ornaments are still used on buildings and I'm always wondering what they look like from up there on the roof. What's behind the facade?

The other type of facade that I think about a lot is packaging. That we are constantly being presented with things that are made to tempt us and often are nothing but paper or boxes printed with imagery and type. People package themselves by the way they dress, cut their hair, the type of car they drive, etc. etc.

Is government presenting us with the "truth" or is it all a facade? What's "real"? It seems to get harder and harder to tell all the time.

The pieces above are made from building materials that are used as insulation in homebuilding. The back of each piece is unique. There are wedges and other shapes that act as supports to hold up the pieces, and are exaggerated to make the point that the front is fake. Above is a photo of a back that illustrates that.

Facades, largest piece is 36 inches tall. Home insulation, glue, wire, paint. Vincent Romaniello