Brucennial Opening

These are some images taken by artist Paul Behnke at the reception for the Brucennial 2010: Miseducation.

My piece shown above, Facade 88, shot early in the evening before the crush of the crowd. We arrived at around 7 and by 7:30 the 5,000 square foot space was packed. So packed in fact that not everyone could be allowed in the door. Until at least 10pm, when we left,  a line of around 50 people stood outside the door, umbrellas and smokes in hand, waiting to join the show. Upstairs (video), performers and musicians played into the morning hours. 

The only other artists from Philadelphia, or fillytown as they call it, that we know of who have work in the exhibition are Harry and Harrietta Falloff, the infamous authors of Artblahg. Their 8 foot "Art Wake" banner was hung in a space that went below ground level (like a grave) and is shared with an installation piece that seemed to be heaving it's last gasp. See this video to watch it in action.

I am very happy to be in such close proximity to Julian Schnabel's large painting. The work did not have labels so I can't give you more information on his work. I have mentioned on this blog more than once that I am a huge fan of Mr. Schnabel's movies, paintings, works on paper and sculptures. I also had the pleasure of speaking to him briefly, see below.

It was a great event. It reminded me of the Dragnet Show that I helped to organize at Sage Projects but on a much smaller scale of course. I think that these types of open group shows should be a permanent part of the art world mix of exhibitions. I will publish links to reviews as they come in. I would recommend a trip to the Whitney Biennial, The National Academy Museum and The Brucennial, we did it in one day easily and it was well worth it.