Jacqueline Cotter and Ann Hopkins Wilson

The Richard Rosenfeld Gallery in Philadelphia presents the work of abstract painters Jacqueline Cotter and Ann Hopkins Wilson. I met Ms. Cotter at a Sage Projects event and we did get a few minutes to talk a little over the noise of the crowd. I look forward to seeing her work and that of Ms. Wilson's this month.

Citypaper writer, Bruce Walsh, did an article on Cotter's work and gives some good background information. From the story it sounds like Cotter doesn't like to have to explain her work which is something I think a lot of painters can relate to. But Richard Rosenfeld has worked with her for many years and makes some good points based on their long relationship.

Above, painting by Jacqueline Cotter.

Opening reception
Sunday May 16, noon-5 pm
through June 6
Rosenfeld Gallery
113 Arch St. Philadelphia, PA