"Young Michelangelo: The Path to the Sistine

We were at a party at our friend's house, Tim and Rebecca, near Wilmington last weekend. Rebecca is owner of the Hockessin Book Shelf so we always talk books. When I asked her what she was reading she jumped up and said she had something for me. She came back with an advance reader copy of the book you see here and handed it to me. After reading the Richardson books on Picasso and finding the one on his early life the most interesting I thought this would be good.

On the way out I realized that I almost forgot it and only after going back to get it did I notice the author's name, John T. Spike. This really surprised me because I know John through the Biennale Internazionale dell'Arte Contemporanea where he served as director. I have read about a third of the book and recommend you read it when it becomes available. You can learn more about the book and place an order at johntspike.com.

"Spike crystallizes historical detail into vivid, memorable imagery.... Alternating between accounts of the turbulent political atmosphere and details of Michelangelo's most private moments in the sculpture studio, Spike creates a rich narrative that promises more intrigue than the best adventure novel."
~ Publishers Weekly, 26 July 2010