Virtual Art Up & Esther Klein Opening Friday

Friday, October 15th, will be the opening reception for the VPAP, Virtual Public Art Project at the Esther M. Klein Gallery, 3600 Market Street, Philadelphia. Using new technology, the 3D models created for the virtual work have been "printed" and will be exhibited in the gallery. By printed they mean three dimensional art works made from a glue like substance matching the shapes and colors of the artist's working art files or original works.

You can get a better idea of the work from the various artists by visiting the breadboard site.

For information on how to find and view the virtual works,that can only be seen using a smart cell phone, use this link. There is more information on this blog, just scroll down to find it.

The images of my pieces above were taken by Chris Manzione, one of the artist and technicians behind this great endeavor. Since the pieces are 3D, as you move around them, under them, over them, the view changes accordingly.