Aqua Miami Installation

Hudson Houston, a great blog from Saatchi & Saatchi, had this to say about my work at Aqua. "At Aqua, I was taken by Vincent Romaniello’s sculptures of ephemera which, by drastically increasing the scale, re-frame mundane paper objects, and invite us to consider form in places where we normally wouldn’t. Reconsidering the definition of what we think of as art is always a useful exercise." Visit them for more on the fair and other art related topics, it's a great site.

The image above is from Artslant and shows all three of my pieces, "Big Spill" (the large painting), "Last Straw" (the piece leaning next to the painting) and a different angle of "Pink Slip". The folks at Artslant covered a number of venues in Miami follow this link to read all about it.

Joanne Mattera does her usual, extraordinary job of covering the Miami fairs. This year I get a mention for my "Pink Slip" piece. "The message is writ large on this floor piece, a sign of the times, in a show curated by Trong Gia Nguyen, late of Bravo's Work of Art." also posted a lot of images from the various locations at Art Miami including mine and other work from Artslant at Aqua, so check it out.

I also want to acknowledge chashama. All of my work that was shown at Aqua was made during my studio residency there.

Thank you all.