New York Christmas Spirit

I was in NY for some business and fun and spent the day on the Lower East Side. One of my first stops was frosch&portmann who had a holiday specific theme, Santa. There were naughty Santas, and funny Santas, and more Santas that you can read about on their site. One of the artists in the show is Judith Braun, Happy Birthday Judith! David, who was working the desk, told me I had to see the exhibit/benefit show at Lehmann Maupin and I'm glad he did.

The benefit is organized by the Foundation for Contemporary Arts (FCA), a non-profit arts organization founded by Jasper Johns and John Cage that supports art causes. Visit the site to get all the details. When I walked in and asked for the exhibition list I wasn't ready for such a large document. There are in the neighborhood of 200 artists, many of the top names in the contemporary art world, as you can see from the photographs. It was fun to try and guess who was who, using the print out as a confirmation. You can do the same and get your answers on the Lehmann Maupin website.

I did see a few other shows including Michael DeLucia at 11 Rivington, above, and a couple of shows at Dodge Gallery, below.

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2011 to you all!