Red Hook and LES

A gallery after my own heart in Brooklyn.

Work from Jim Lee's studio, including next 3 images.

David Scanavino at Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery, LES.

Jon Manteau looking at installation from Ramiken Crucible.

Borden Capalino's "Botany Bay" at Ramiken Crucible. Click to enlarge snake skin. 

Kathy Grannan at Salon 94.

All photographs ©2011 Vincent Romaniello.

We started the day out visiting the Brooklyn studio of artist, Jim Lee, and ended up on the Lower East Side. The New Museum has a couple nice shows but wouldn't let me take any photos. I just don't get it, and I think this policy is going to disappear soon from any show that doesn't have really fragile pieces.

For the NYT's take on current shows on the LES read "Rising and Regrouping on Lower East Side" by Karen Rosenberg, that is, if you can get in.