Baltimore Trip

I was headed to drop my work off at Cart, an upcoming show at Current Space in Baltimore (more on that later). We stopped at The Contemporary Museum beforehand, you can see photos from that show below.

After seeing the show and the concept of "antics" in play, I thought I'd add my piece to the exhibition as an outdoor intervention. To see more work from this project visit my website. I'm now thinking of doing this at the Whitney Biennial in 2012 and other institutions and events around the country. The following text from the curator reads in part:

"The intent of antic art is to surprise or catch passersby, who often become indirect participants, in funny situations. Ever since Marcel Duchamp entered Fountain (1917) into the Society of Independent Artists exhibition, the artworld has produced a plethora of pranksters. "LOL" artists have found crafty and ingenious ways to insert either themselves or their art into TV shows, New York magazine, United Nations meetings in Geneva, meat markets, political campaigns, neighborhoods, zebra crossings, animal habitats, public parks, the Washington Monument, choral concerts, celebrity shoots, museum benefits and official WTO meetings. Others merely gain inspiration from absurd "actual" events."

Sue Spaid is the new director at The Contemporary. She was a curator in the Philadelphia area at the Abington Art Center. I did have the opportunity to meet Ms. Spaid when we shared a table with her and her sister at an art fundraiser. There are other ties to the Philadelphia scene, Jennifer Levonian and William Powhida have both been associated with Vox. Click on photos to enlarge.

"LOL: A Decade of Antic Art"
The Contemporary Museum
June 10 – September 4
100 W. Centre Street
Baltimore, MD 21201

Artist, Gimhongsong

Artist, William Powhida

"Back to Back" detail, Dan Perjovschi, Nedko Solakov

Artist, Larry Krone

Artist, Jennifer Levonian

"Whose Boobs" detail, by Larry Hammerness

All photographs ©2011 Vincent Romaniello.