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Posted by Anonymous to Romanblog II at 28 June, 2011


Yesterday I got an email with the name of an art professor as the sender. After reading it I instantly knew it was spam. In his case he could simply email his list and tell everyone his account had been hacked.

Hopefully those who receive similar emails and comments related to me will realize that I'm being stalked by an anonymous spammer. They have gone so far as to attack my wife, Lisa, and reach out to all of my professional contacts. I'm a firm believer in freedom of speech but this kind of thing should not be tolerated or enabled by newspaper websites and the like. If someone wants to review my work please do. But personal attacks against me and my wife are going way too far.

I got four of the above in my mailboxes just this morning and this isn't the first time. The links are to an artblog with no other purpose than to attack artists. Many of you have experienced similar things and know what I'm talking about. I guess with every amazing innovation, the web, comes a downside.

Vincent Romaniello