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Occupy Wall Street Demands Attention With ‘No Comment Art’

By Mark Johanson | October 13, 2011 10:07 pm

While it can be hard to pinpoint what exactly the demands of Occupy Wall Street are, one thing is certain, people are taking notice.

What started as a small movement in Zuccotti Park has expanded into a nationwide phenomenon - and like all major historical protests, artists have joined forces with the political activists to highlight the cause with protest art.

The space is nothing like you would imagine standing across the street at the New York Stock Exchange, but that's what drew Creative Director and Organizer Marika Maiorova to the building.

In one corner there was a two-story wall smothered in the oft-mocked Occupy Wall Street posters. In another, Daniel De Paola hung from the ceiling, cocooned in an American flag for his performance installation "For Your Entertainment."

In another corner was Vincent Romaniello's extra-large "Pink Slip" sculpture.

"When it comes right down to it, it's about jobs, jobs, jobs!" Romaniello said while standing beside his art. "Once you loose your job it all escalates from there."

"Before, we still had problems, but at least we had jobs," he added.

Romaniello likes to take things like litter that you might miss in your everyday life and blow them up. Like the movement itself, he does this to wake people up and make them more aware.

He calls it "Aware Mess."

One could say that's a fitting term for the movement as a whole.

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Above, image of artist, Daniel De Paola, wrapped in flag at "No Comment". Scroll down for more photographs.

photo by Vincent Romaniello