Sugar grand reopening reception with works from (left to right)
Alicia McCarthy, Nina Meledandri, Art Guerra. Artist Ken Madore pictured.

Erika Keck

Christy Singleton with her work
David B. Frye

Carla Knopp

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Jacqueline Skaggs

Great food at Taqueria Mexicana  around the corner at 271 Star Street

Lineup round 4
From the Gut, with Heart
Through June 3

Artists: Erika Keck, Christy Singleton, Alicia McCarthy, Ed Sanders, Mary Addison Hackett, Carla Knopp, Vincent Como, Art Guerra, Nina Meledandri, Jacqueline Skaggs, Becky Kinder, Liv Mette Larsen, David B. Frye

449 Troutman St. #3-5 third floor
Brooklyn (Bushwick), NY
Noon to 6pm, Friday-Sunday
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all photos by Vincent Romaniello