I feel very fortunate to have an excellent review of my work written by Charlie Finch and published in Artnet Magazine.

After seeing my Large Sketchbook in The Brucennial that just closed Charlie Finch visited my studio in Brooklyn. I talked about how I proudly remember my father defending the workers he represented as their union shop steward and how my wife Lisa does the same for the constituents who elected her to public office. My studio is situated in a working class neighborhood in East Williamsburg populated by huge warehouses, auto repair shops and cantinas. All of these things, plus the seemingly unending assault of politics on our lives, figure into the inspiration behind my work.

The timing of the article is interesting too because of the failed recall of Governor Walker of Wisconsin just yesterday. His union busting agenda brought on those efforts and my hope is that the people of Wisconsin, and the entire country, will see yesterday as only the beginning of a fight to get back their rights.

Thank you Charlie Finch and the staff at Artnet.

Above, "Pink Slip" 4x7 ft., paint on discarded backdrop paper. Other work can be found on my website.

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