Storefront Bushwick Susan Bricker "Dirty Balloons". click on all photos to enlarge
Susan Bricker "Flash Mob" with side view below. 
Andrea Burgay "Inner"
Paul D'Agostino's "Futuro anteriore IV: Quanti spazi sarrano stati abbondonati" 
"Future Perfect IV: So many spaces will have to be abandoned". Detail below
Elissa Levy "Flag, The Fan's Affection"
Jackie Hoving "Snow"
Steven Charles "smeist"
This and following are paintings from
Julie Torres: Ghost in the Machine 
Julie Torres

Cut Up
Julie Torres
Ghost in the Machine

Through August 5

Cut Up artists: Myles Bennett, Susan Bricker, Andrea Burgay, Steven Charles, Paul D’Agostino, Jackie Hoving, Ken Kocses, Elissa Levy, Gelah Penn, Casey Ruble, and Mary Schiliro

16 Wilson Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11237

all photos by Vincent Romaniello