A Nationwide Diversity Art Show

March 8–April 12

From the curatorial statement:
“My Story” is meant to bring awareness of diversity and broaden our horizons to our nations view of diversity. The purpose of a nation call allows for a curated group of artists and art that will encompass the wide variety of diversity in religion, culture, ethnicity, disability, sex, race, age, gender, sexual orientation/identity and more."

Artists: Alan Bigelow, Sanglim Han, Morgan Hutchinson, Jason Lee, Pauline Ramos, Vincent Romaniello, Amalia Vacca and Amalia Vacca.

Washington State University Vancouver
Dengerink Administration Gallery
14204 NE Salmon Creek Avenue
Vancouver, WA 98686

Above, details from "Subway Scroll", 12x145 inches, by Vincent Romaniello. Shown in full below (click to enlarge).