"Untitled" fluoresent tube sculpture by Jason Peters
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Don Pablo Pedro "Hangover"

Judith Supine "Chem Trails"
Steven Thompson "Giotto Mountain"

Kevin Brady, both "Untitled

Clockwise, left to right,  Lenny Reibstein, Paul D'Agostino, Peter Dobill, William Powhida, Andrew Hurst, Tyrome Tripoli, Gary Cullen.

Left to right, Jim Herbert, Nate Anspaugh, Loren Munk, Ben La Rocco, Brent Owens.

Andy Piediato "Sea Coffin"
Loren Munk "Circling a Triangle of Squares"

Brent Owens "Food Pyramid"

See the Pyramids Along the Nile

Exhibition closed April 7, 2013

Artists: Peter Dobill, Andy Piedilato, Steven Thompson, Lenny Reibstein, Brent Owens, Vilaykorn Sayaphet, Giles Thompson, Paul D'Agostino, Deborah Brown, William Powhida, Andrew Hurst, Judith Supine, Tescia Seufferlein, Jason Peters, Don Pablo Pedro, Tyrome Tripoli, Gary Cullen, Ben La Rocco, Kevin Brady, Loren Munk, Jim Herbert, Nate Anspaugh, Dark Cloud, Andrew Hurst

English Kills Art Gallery
114 Forrest Street
Brooklyn, NY 11206

photos by Vincent Romaniello