Above, Matthew Miller @ Centotto, 250 Moore St, Brooklyn, NY.

"Negative Space" paintings (framed) by Vincent Romaniello.
Left to right: William Powida, Larry Greenberg, Amos Satterlee.
Black and red "Exit Sign" pieces by Bob Seng, above right and below.

Centotto regular  Cecco Angiolieri, above.
Maestro Paul D'Agostino, right, discussing art with friends.
Work by Amos Satterlee. click on photos to enlarge.
Gili Levy, center, speaking with Judith Braun, left.

Musician at The Pine Box Rock Shop

By-Productions, or Asides
A simposio exhibition

Reception: Friday, November 8, 7-10pm

Featuring Amos Satterlee, Matthew Miller, Bob Seng and Vincent Romaniello. Curated by Paul D'Agostino, Ph.D.

"Bodies of work that
happened to happen
while other bodies of work
were in the works.

And that happened,
as things sometimes happen,
to work.

Circumscriptions of
happenstantial sorts."

250 Moore Street #108
Brooklyn, NY 11206