Back In Situ, or Turns
A group exhibition paying tribute to the many artists who presented works at Studio Visits (Ex Situ) sessions in 2014

The show features works by most of those artists, including Ben Pritchard, Wendy Klemperer, Brenda Zlamany, Barbara Friedman, Kate Teale, Cathy Quinlan, Thomas Micchelli, Joana Ricou, Jeffrey Bishop, David McDonough, Anne Russinof, Bob Seng, Ursula Sommer, Nicola Ginzel, Robert Franca, Mila Dau, Richard Sigmund, Jeff Frederick, Katherine Jackson, Tender & endangered Cow/Horse of Dimness, Kurt Steger, Rafael Fuchs, Nick Greenwald, John Murray, Seth Mulvey, Sophia Chizuco, Elizabeth Johnson, Alexis Neider, Jonathan Quinn, Kerry Law, Eileen Weitzman, Marcy Rosenblat, Jim Donahue, Karen Marston, Veronika Golova, Kay Sirikul Pattachote and Rosie Lopeman.

Opening reception: December 5

250 Moore Street #108
Brooklyn, NY 11206

photographs by Vincent Romaniello