MagicCarpet ManCave performing in front of Jon Manteau's "Kirby" painting. Musicians left to right: Jon Manteau, Daniel Bacon, Jeff Nicolai and Jason Lawn.
left to right: Raphael Fenton-SpaidMichelle MarcuseHeather Raquel Phillips (banners),  David Foss, Rob Solomon, Don Kaiser, Michelle Marcuse. and Jon Manteau

Jon Manteau, Vincent Romaniello, David Foss
Henry Bermudez, Nic Coviello, David Foss

Above and below, Heather Raquel Phillips 

Visitors viewing Nic Coviello's work

Rob Solomon's "Range" canvas, pigment, plaster, paper, 48x30 inches (diptych) 2016

Michelle Marcuse, Heather Raquel Phillips (banner), David Foss, Rob Solomon and Heather Raquel Phillips
Raphael Fenton-Spaid


Reception: 6-9pm, Friday, October 7
Through October 30, 2016
Hours: Friday, Saturday, Sundays 11am-6pm

Conceptual Punk-a-Rock-a-Billy-Blues ensemble MagicCarpet ManCave will be performing both original compositions and covers during the opening

The Sage Reunion Tour brings together 10 of the original members, each showing how their work has evolved since their Philadelphia project space closed in 2009. A variety of media are included: painting, sculpture, photography, performance, banners and video

ALL NEW WORK by David Foss, Don Kaiser, Heather Rachel Phillips, Henry Bermudez, Jon Manteau, Michelle Marcuse, Nic Coviello, Raphael Fenton-Spaid, Robert Solomon and Vincent Romaniello

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Brooklyn, NY 11206
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