Justice Month Film Festival

This event follows up City Council’s 2007 Resolution designating March in Philadelphia as “Justice Month” to bring together individuals and groups interested in justice issues and social change through art.

There are too many events to list here but here is an example.

Saturday, March 14th at 2:00 pm “Prison Life Stories” by the Termite TV Collective, filmmakers Michael Keutemeyer, Anula Shetty and Deborah Rudman. “Prison Life Stories” is a thoughtful, compelling exploration of the issues of those coming home from prison and their loved ones. Upstairs at Robin’s Moonstone Arts Center (formerly Robin’s Bookstore) 110A S. 13th St., Philadelphia, PA 19013.

For more information contact Judith Trustone, Sagewriters at 610-327-6101 or Judith@Sagewriters.org