SAGE Project Opens

Purpose/Repurpose at SAGE Projects opened yesterday at 12 noon and we were actually almost completely ready. We had about 10 days from the time we got the keys to 333 South Street until the doors opened to the public to transform the former retail space into a gallery. That entailed a lot of spackling and painting over of the sponged, faux paint and magenta spiral staircases. Then of course there is the installation and the materials to let the public know we are open. All 10 members that are in the show pitched in and that is what made it possible to put together in such a short time.

Henry Bermudez decided to keep the red background for one of his wall paintings (see detail above). He said he wanted to keep the spirit of the former place and to remind us of the situation that brought us to getting the space.

A couple teaser photos for now, come out to the opening Sunday, March 8th to see the real thing.

Dave Foss' work with Lisa the gallerina at her post.

Detail shot of Jon Manteau's excavation installation above. Excavation tent from Vincent Romaniello and wider, partial view of Manteau/Romaniello collaborative Excavation piece below.

Thank you to all those who came out to see the show on our opening day.