2009 Local NEA Grants

Here is the Statewide Listing.

Congratulations to the winners! The performing arts win big this year and I am sure they can use the money. I know of other groups locally that I am sure will do great things with the funds they receive.

I question the WHYY grant for Terry Gross. Almost all of her shows are interviews with writers. That's great but there are other fields of art out there. I also question how hard it is to ask questions based on answers you already have from a book that was written by the guest.

There are also many of the usual PC grants, we all know who gets them. It is hard to blame groups for tilting their programming and applications to these things, but I guess I was hoping that the trend would wear down. No signs of that this year.

I see a trend in funding for groups that promise to document their programs through audio, video, etc. Could be great if the quality is good.

Schools are big winners when it comes to grants from the government. Galleries and individual artists of course can't compete.