Posi-Negi Machine

You could use this handy machine in a gallery setting to register a thumbs up or down to the show you are viewing. This might also be useful in relationships too.

To operate the Posi-Negi Machine just pick up the yellow tent-shaped card and turn it around to display a "N" when you get the urge to say NO. This should be popular among the Republicans in our government.

For $29.95 we will send you this beautiful bright blue base with a yellow card (plus shipping and handling). AND JUST RIGHT NOW we will throw in 3 extra yellow cards and 3 more cards that say Maybe on both sides for those who find it hard to make up their mind.

Above, from the "Bad Science" series, Posi-Negi Machine, blue insulation foam and paint. 24x18x18 inches, 2009.