Eileen Tognini

Curator, dealer, collaborator, Eileen Tognini has been part of the Philadelphia art scene for many years. Her and her family moved to Fishtown well before the recent art exodus began and has just opened a new space in the 2424 York building.

She is the curator behind the current installation titled The Titan and the Fireflies" at the Skybox. This video gives you a really good idea of the ambition and scale of the work by artist, Jason Hackenwerth. The exhibition is open until November 28th, go here for all the details.

Besides organizing exhibits in public spaces Ms. Tognini is also known for her "salon" installations that she has created in her home, gardens and other art lovers private spaces.

She told me via email that "The salons that are held here are small gatherings of art passionistas. What they get when they arrive is an evening meeting other peeps of like minds-often strangers to one another- but leaving as friends. They share in the appreciation of seeing work of emerging and recognized artists in the context of a home settings. Site specific installations along with painting and sculpture that are often commissioned for these single events are seen as a seamless composition."

It's great to know that there are those out there being creative in putting people and artwork together in the community.

Above is an image from her current salon installation that includes Jon Manteau's "Ghost of paintings' past...after Miro" and "Along Side", a Brooke Hine porcelain installation.