Review on The East Hampton Star

I stumbled on this review from a show I was in this summer. I love the way it starts out.
I was not predisposed to embrace “Textures: Artists as Alchemists” at the Surface Library Gallery in Springs. Something about the art being from a “cyber gallery” with an “eco-friendly green” bent Jennifer Landes Thomas Kurilla’s “The Tea Cup,” a bronze cast, is one of the few sculptures on view in “Textures: Artists as Alchemists” at the Surface Library. and unusually textured seemed a bit clichéd and overcomplicated. And how much more can we really say about “repurposed materials” and the transformative nature of the cyber-marketplace?
But I like this part even better.
From the amoeba-like plaster of Paris shapes created by Vincent Romaniello with a lichen-like surface and dull muddy colors to David M. Mitchell’s chromogenic print photographs, the works offer a strong viewpoint and aesthetically pleasing qualities.
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Above, a piece by Lori Glavin, Green Tumult, 2008, Monotype, 34 x 46 inches at Art, Rental and Lease.