Chelsea Openings September 2010

Angelo Filomeno at Gallerie Lelong.

Gabriel Hartley at Foxy Production.

Alejandro Almanza Pereda: The heaviest luggage for the traveler is the empty one. Magnan Metz Gallery.

Roy Lichtenstein at Mitchell-Innes & Nash (Chelsea).

Judy Pfaff at Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe.

Nathan Carter at Casey Kaplan.

Zsolt Bodoni at Ana Cristea Gallery.

Eric Fertman at the Susan Inglett Gallery.

There were a lot of galleries with new show opening Thursday night, others on Friday. Before the crowds arrived I went around to take photographs of exhibitions and work that I liked. I notice now that many of them included painting and sculpture in the same installation.

Later in the evening I did stop by a few gallery openings. Pictured above is Edward Winkleman (center, back). Isn't the visitor on the right striking the similar pose as the figure in the drawing? The other two photographs are of Sarah Peters' sculpture and a detail of a drawing.