Landfillart Reclamation Project

There's an article in the Associated Press on the Landfillart Reclamation Project that I am participating in. Here is an excerpt with opening quotes by founder, Ken Marquis.

"Reclamation artists have long used junkyards and trash heaps as source material, taking someone else's garbage and turning it into something beautiful or strange or provocative. The goal of the Landfillart Project, Marquis says, is to get people thinking about the amount of trash they generate — and, perhaps, to reduce it.

"Old rusted hubcaps, or even old plastic ones, eventually have no use. They end up in landfills or in people's backyards," he says. "So it made perfect sense to use this as a basis to create art on."

Vincent Romaniello was inspired by images of this year's Egyptian uprising, especially a photo of stone-throwing young protesters using scrap wood and other objects as shields. His still-unfinished piece envisions the hubcap as camouflaged helmet, perched on top of a pair of battered goggles. An old cellphone and rocks complete the tableau.

"I don't think it'll be very difficult for people to understand the meaning behind it," Romaniello says from the studio behind his house, where he's brushing on the last bit of paint. "These people are fighting for freedom ... for their voices to be heard."

For more information on the Landfillart Reclamation Project visit their website.

By MICHAEL RUBINKAM Associated Press
WILKES-BARRE, Pa. June 1, 2011 (AP)
Photos, Matt Rourke

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