CART @ Current Space, Baltimore

The 80+ artists, and the curators, Michael Benevento, Monique Crabb and Andrew Liang, went all out for this one. The installation is an artistic feat and the "products" answer the question "what would a corner store stock if the artists were in charge?"

Participating artists are from Germany, Australia, the Netherlands, Canada, the UK, and in the USA, from LA to Vermont, to Florida, and every place in between. You can see a partial list of those included here.

You can also get more information and images on the Current Space facebook page.

The exhibition and sale will continue through October. Visit the Current Space website for more details.

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Readying the cash register before the doors open for business.

Store window with Cart brand and sales signs.

The interior of the space and window with my piece, the Bull-Deodorizer, sharing space with other works.

Street Art

Minku Kim with one of his paintings and curator, Monique Crabb, snapping pictures in the background.

Philadelphia, should love this, I did. You can get one of your own for 33 cents.

All photographs ©2011 Vincent Romaniello.