Democratic Exhibitions

I like shows like last year's Brucennial that are more open than the usual tightly curated exhibitions. There's always good energy at these gatherings, even if the work is sometimes uneven. It's important to give artists an opportunity to get their work seen and it's a great chance to meet people and have a dialog about the work.

There are a number of these shows coming up that I have some information on below.

Chain Letter
This concept started with a core group of 10 invited artists who started the Chain Letter by inviting 10 artists they admire, and then those 10 invited 10 more, etc. until the drop off date.

In Philadelphia you can get all the information on this one day event here on the Basekamp website.

In New York the AC Institute staff invited 10 artists and will be holding an online-only exhibition, so they have, in effect, dis-invited those selected as "admired" most by fellow artists and curators. This seems contrary to the concept and they are the only venue in the world handling the "exhibition" this way.

If you are reading this and live in another city that is hosting "Chain Letter" go to for more information.

BIG ART SHOW at Pterodactyl
This is another open call for a one night event for visual artists. There will be "ART! MUSIC! FUN! Bands so far: CITY RAIN, Revolution I Love You, New Madrid"

"Basically, a BIG ART SHOW is an art party where you get space to show your work in an unpretentious environment. It is one night, you set up and break down the day of. No judging, no applications, just tell us you're coming and as long as we have space, we give you space."

Message from the Department of Alternative Affairs:

From the Little Berlin press release:

"This project aims to lessen the authority of the art world by inviting all visitors to City Hall during Little Berlin’s residence to contribute an image of what they deem a great work of art.

Please help us organize a publicly curate art exhibition by contributing an image of a piece of art that you’d most like to include. This can be an image of an object or painting, a public sculpture or a piece of furniture. It can be in your grandmother’s house or at the Philadelphia Museum of art."

For details on how to participate visit their website.